Sydney Based Possum Removal Expert

Possum Patrol offers possum removal from buildings and residential homes. Possums find their way into our homes and buildings by exploiting weaknesses, gaps and openings. Materials that have become dislodged and/or deteriorated often provide the opportunity.

In order to get rid of possums it will be necessary to locate the possum hole where the possums are entering the roof. A possum in the roof can make a lot of noise. This noise in the roof is often described as rearranging the furniture and walking on the ceiling with hob-nailed boots.

When all this commotion takes place at 5:00 am it can be very annoying and disturbing for young children. You will need a possum man to come and address the nuisance possum problem and start the process of possum removal from the roof.

For the area 20kms around Ryde you should call the Possum Patrol on 0414 790 876 and ask for Paul. As Australian houses are unique in some way every possum job tends to be slightly different.