Common problems casued by possums

The Possum is living in the roof and wall cavities:

The possum goes out in the evening to feed and returns energetically at dawn. Occupants complain about the nocturnal activities interrupting their sleep and disturbing their children. You may notice brown streaks of possum urine running down the walls.

The possum is living or trapped in the fireplace.

Occasionally possums come down the chimney; sometimes they are not able to escape. The possums that are trapped may have come down the chimney to escape from another possum. Possums finding themselves at the bottom of the chimney may then come into your living room.

The possum has come into a working or living area.

The workshop: You enter the area to find that a possum has rearranged your workshop leaving a trail of dislodged objects. What used to be on the shelf is now on the floor.

The living room: You enter the area to find that a possum has trashed your lounge by climbing up the curtains, knocking over objects previously standing on a table. The Possum unable to escape is now asleep in a corner.

The possum has died somewhere usually in the roof cavity.

Possums die from many causes; old age, injury, disease, starvation from becoming trapped and poisoning (sometimes rat bait). You gradually notice the dead smell becoming stronger and if left flies and maggots may drop down through an opening.