Our Humane Possum Removal Techniques – Friendly and Professional Service in Sydney

At Possum Patrol, I take pride in providing friendly and professional possum removal services in Sydney. My humane approach ensures the well-being of these native Australian marsupials while effectively resolving possum intrusions. Here’s how I handle possum removal with care:

Roof Voids and Cavities:

Upon inspection, I identify the possum entry holes, which are then thoughtfully blocked using secure materials. To facilitate a safe exit for the possums, I install a one-way exit facility in the roof tiles. This allows the possums to leave the sealed roof void or cavity without being able to return. By encouraging them to find alternative accommodation elsewhere, your roof space becomes peaceful. I ensure the possums stay in familiar habitats, increasing their chances of survival.

Chimneys and Fireplaces:

When dealing with possums in chimneys or fireplaces, I set up a trap just outside the fireplace, confining the possum as much as possible for their safety and my efficient removal process.

Working or Living Area:

In cases where possums are found in working or living areas, I gently guide them out of the building, ensuring a smooth transition to the outdoors. If needed, I can also handle the possums into a cage for release later at night, ensuring they find a safe environment to thrive.

Dealing with Deceased Possums:

In unfortunate cases where we encounter deceased possums, I promptly locate and remove the cadaver. To maintain hygiene and a fresh atmosphere, I thoroughly sanitize and deodorize the affected area. In some situations, like when the possum is in an inaccessible spot under a flat roof, it may not be feasible to remove the cadaver physically. Rest assured, I always do my best to handle such situations professionally and with care.

Choose Possum Patrol for Friendly and Effective Possum Removal in Sydney

With my friendly and professional services, I make sure possum removal is a hassle-free experience for both you and the possums. If you need expert possum removal in Sydney, look no further! Contact Paul at +61 0414790876.

Let me handle the possums with care, ensuring your home remains a peaceful and possum-free environment. Remember, I am your trusted partner in humane possum removal in Sydney and greater Ryde Area