How We Remove Possums Humanly

Roof voids and cavities

The possum entry holes are located by inspection. These are then neatly blocked with materials that are fixed into position. A one way exit facility is then installed into the roof tiles. This allows the possums to escape from a sealed roof void or and cavity and not return. The possum finds alternative accommodation elsewhere and your roof space becomes quiet. By remaining in familiar habitat the possum has the best chance of survival.

Chimneys and Fireplaces

A trap is set up just outside the fireplace and confined as much as practicable.

Working or Living area

The possum is guided out of the building to the outdoors or manhandled into a cage for release later at night.

Dead Possums

The cadaver is located and removed. The area is then sanitised and deodorised. This may involve removal of roof sheets if the possum has died under a flat roof. It may not be practicable to remove a possum cadaver when it is lying in an inaccessible position.